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DM509 CO2
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CO2 PM2.5 Portable Handheld air quality Detector
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Product Description
This product is a multifunctional air quality detector that detects Formaldehyde (HCHO), Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), Particulate Matter <2.5 micron-sized particles (PM2.5), Temperature, and Humidity with clock and record function. As a scientific air quality detection device, it combines multiple air sensors with a built-in fan to allow real-time monitoring of formaldehyde (HCHO), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), PM2.5, temperature, and humidity on its digital LCD display.

Product name

Multi-functionAir quality detector
Modle DM509

PM2.5 Sensor technolology

Laser Scattering

Power supply

rechargeable  Li-battery

Detection range

PM2.5 (0-999 ug/M3)
CO2  ( 400-5000 ppm)
Material  ABS
Color  Black
Product size 164*74*26MM
weight  650G

Advantage : 
-Integrated detection with CO2/Temperature/Humidity/PM2.5/HCHO/TVOC/AQI
-Auto calibration
-Exceeding Alarming with auto detection and auto measuring
-Different interface switching.
- History Records save
-Screen off time adjust , save power .
-Adjusting screen brightness 
-Temp unit:  Celcius and Fahrenheit  Switch      
-Alarm sound set: On and off

Product Specifications
Display method: 2.8” LCD screen display, 320 x 240 pixels
Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa - 106Kpa
Detection method for PM: Laser Scattering
Sampling time: 1.5 seconds
Product Size:164*74*26MM
Detection temperature: -10°C to 50°C; 14°F to 122°F
Relative humidity: 20% - 85%
Storage temperature: -10°C to 60°C; 14°F to 140°F
Concentration unit for HCHO and TVOC: mg/m3
Power source: Lithium battery with 2000 mAh capacity; 5V DC power charging via micro USB port
Product weight: 150g 

-2.8" color liquid crystal display (LCD), 320x240 pixels
-User adjustable alarm threshold for formaldehyde (HCHO) to alert user of elevated
-Test variables: PM2.5/1.0/10, formaldehyde, TVOC, temperature, humidity
-Large 2000mAh capacity Lithium battery
-On-board fan to draw in ambient air for more accurate real-time results
-5V Micro USB charging
-Low battery warning

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